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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Effluent treatment plant ensures that the industries' contaminated and polluted water gets managed and becomes reusable.
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Sewage Treatment Plant remove water contaminants. Physical, chemical, & organic process to eliminate water pollutants.
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Wastewater Treatment Plant removes contaminants, human waste, micro-organisms from wastewater released from industries and residential.
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DM plant works based on principle that remove minerals and other contaminants from water using the ion exchange method.
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Industrial RO Plant is a system that removes impurities from raw water using reverse osmosis. We offered a range of Industrial RO.
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We offer a qualitative range of Water Softener Plants generally used to remove calcium and magnesium from water.
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Pharmaceuticals and
Chemical Industry
Wastewater is treated by physical or chemical methods, like coagulation and sedimentation, flotation, activated carbon adsorption, advanced oxidation processes, membrane separation.
Printing, Paint and
Dyeing Industry
Wastewater treatment including steps of desulfurization, nanocatalytic electrolysis, flocculation, biochemical, secondary catalytic electrolysis, filtration, and separation by membrane.
Food, Sweet and
Beverages Industry
Majorly, four methods of sewage water treatment are followed – physical, biological, chemical, and sludge water treatment treated water become safe for both human usages and environment.
Electroplating wastewater treatment involve chemical reagent, electrochemical and ion exchange methods, as well as adsorption treatment to water resuable.
Pickling and
Preservative Industry
Salt is pivotal in production & preservation of pickled vegetables. Treatment of the Effluent Generated from Pickling Method and to Remove Toxic Property to Make it Eco-friendly.
Automobile Servicing
Automobile wash wastewater contains various contaminants such as organic matter, oil, grease, detergents, phosphates, and hydrofluoric acid, all of which are harmful for the environment
Chemicals and
Leather industry
Chemicals and Leather industry wastewater or effluent is considered one of the most obnoxious materials causing serious environmental pollution and health risks.
Stadium and
Shopping Malls
Sewage treatment is process of removing the harmful pollutants or contaminants from sewage generated from human footfall in Stadium and Shopping Malls.
Residential and
Housing Societies
Sewage treatment plant for Residential society and Housing Societies we offer latest technology with MBBR, MBR, and SBR capacity from 1 KLD to 500 KLD, and of the higher capacity.
Schools and Hotels
Wastewater Management in the Hotel Industry is Important. Wastewater treatment is a complex procedure to protect valuable water resources and to avoid environmental pollution.
Multi Storey and
Commercial Complexes
Sewage treatment plant plays a vital role in the process of removing the contaminants from sewage to produce liquid and solid suitable for discharge to the environment or for reuse
Slaughterhouse and Meat
Processing Industry
Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment need significant treatment for a sustainable and safe discharge to the environment due to the high content of organics and nutrients.
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